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Jim Madison's books address crucial issues in our past as they offer connections to our  present.  Here are a few titles.

In A Lynching in the Heartland: Race and Memory in America, Jim Madison tells in vivid detail the tragic story of a summer night in a small Midwestern town, when a white mob lynched two African American teenagers.  In  this one lynching of many Madison captures America's ongoing and painful encounters with race, justice, and memory.
Slinging Doughnuts for the Boys changes the lens on World War II with a sharp focus on one woman, one of four buried in the American Cemetery in Normandy.  Serving in England and France, Elizabeth Richardson saw this war with a keen eye and warm heart.   
cover hoosiers.jpg
Hoosiers follows the people of Indiana over two centuries as they exchanged log cabins and spinning wheels for railroads, cities, and factories in the 19th century, automobiles, suburbs, and foreign investment in the 20th.   Madison  offers readers an invigorating analysis of one of America's distinctive states. 
This  full-scale biography of Eli Lilly considers his private life and pharmaceutical career, his modest but strong-willed character, his family and friends, his philanthropy,  and his deliberate effort to develop what he called "a proper outlook on life." Based on extensive research in Lilly's personal and business papers and on interviews with dozens of people who knew him, this is a revealing look at the life of an unusual man.
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